OpenPharma - Videos and Ideas

OpenPharma Videos

Please peruse our growing library. Here you will find a wide variety of informational videos for all things related to OpenPharma.

OpenPharma at a Glance - Patient's Perspective

Overview of OpenPharma core concepts, from patient perspective.

OpenPharma at a Glance - Under the Hood

Brief overview of what's under the hood of OpenPharma.

Anonymization App Demo

Take a look at our anonymization application - a web based custom anonymization tool for all fields.

Generic Drug Supply Chain

Proof of concept used to track generic drug supply chain built upon Hedera Hashgraph.

Frontend Foundation: ReactJS

Take a peek at one of the primary tools we use to build our cutting edge applications.

Hedera Micro Service

An in depth guide to using OpenPharma’s Hedera blockchain Microservice.